Oktyx has worked on several projects in the hospitality industry and are familiar with the need for consistent technology in the space. We understand the need for simple yet elegant solutions that work as expected are a key fundamental in this sector. As well as the luxury items the core infrastructure needed to ensure systems work in sync are always considered.

Everything we do has a process, and our work incorporates all stages of the design and development process from initial concept and design, feasibility checks, consultancy which then leads into detailed design through to successful delivery of the project. Working as a specialist AV consultant with the management team and skilled workforce in place providing high standards of service throughout.

Simple And Discreet

Simplified technology can include anything from basic user interfaces to simplified lighting scene control that staff can easily operate in the hospitality environment with minimal training. By simplifying the systems, we can make it more accessible to a wider audience, allowing more people to benefit from its many advantages.

Systems can be discreet or shown off with beautiful speakers in their true glory or elegantly engraved lighting control keypads. Each client we work with will have their own vision and ideas and we have the knowledge to find the perfect solution in every instance.