Our Expertise & Services

Our expertise covers many aspects of the industry from audio, cinema, lighting, security, and many more. Working in the industry for 15 years we have a wealth of knowledge and experience combining multiple elements into simple and easy to use solutions.


High quality audio systems providing unparalleled immersive experience, elevating the way we perceive sound. With cutting edge audio equipment engineered with precision engineering our systems deliver a level of audio fidelity that captures every nuance and detail. From crystal clear highs to deep, rumbling lows, each component works in perfect harmony to create a rich and balanced audio landscape.

Design & Consultancy

Design and consultancy plays a crucial part in any project whether direct project or working with industry partners. We understand  working on both sides of the fence and take a proactive approach in all projects we work on. Attention to detail is key in this industry and especially with design and management which we understand and embrace in everything we do. 


Video distribution systems are sophisticated networks designed to transmit and distribute video content across various platforms and devices. Allowing equipment to discreetly hidden away out of sight while still allowing the end user access to various sources at a single point. 


Delivering high quality content for that immersive experience we all enjoy so much. Modern high end home cinema systems offer unparalleled audio and visual precision and are the pinnacle of home entertainment with high definition audio and cutting edge 4K visuals on stunning expansive screens. Luxury home cinema trancends ordinary entertainmet, captivating your senses and instantly immersing you in the action. 


Controlling lighting and the environment around you to enhance comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. Lighting control systems are adopted across all sectors of the industry and work together to adjust brightness, colour, and direction of light. We provide bespoke lighting control systems which can be integrated with other building management systems, such as HVAC and security, to create a comprehensive and intelligent infrastructure.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a modern technological solution that allows convenient and efficient control of curtains, blinds, skylights and more types of window treatments. These can form part of larger home automation and intelligent lighting control systems or simply be introduced to a project as a standalone feature. Providing end user with programmable settings and remote control functionality this offers property owners the ability to easily adjust natural lighting and privacy levels while the added benefit of energy efficiency within a space.

Have a new project or just need some expert advice? Get in touch for a free consultation and connect with us so that we can better understand your needs and work together to develop innovative solutions that make a difference.


No project is complete without a robust, secure, and fast data and communications network. Simply put all technology requires this to function correctly and efficiently. We provide network and communication solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors.

Aftercare & Support

Reliable and robust aftercare procedures are as important as the project itself and we believe this to be an integral part of any project. We don’t just get to handover we are already planning aftercare and procedures to maintain systems we install. Additionally we will takeover existing projects so reach out if you have an existing system in need. 


The goal of automation is to enhance convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. When you have a sophisticated home or business premisses with multiple systems the answer is automation. With smart, simple, and easy to use interfaces a fully integrated solution provides point of control to easily manage audio-visual, climate, lighting, security, and more.


Security systems are essential to provide protection for your home or business. We provide an array of security systems, CCTV, access control, management, and monitoring systems to minimise risk of security breaches. Proper planning and implementation of security solutions is integral part of ethos.