Your Technology Partner

As your technology partner, we take full responsibility for the continuous online presence and up-to-date functionality of your system. Our role as an integrator involves consolidating various systems and manufacturers into a unified control system, streamlining operations for your convenience. Regular maintenance of these systems is crucial for multiple reasons, primarily to ensure compatibility and take advantage of future enhancements through software or firmware updates.

Just like any significant investment, it is vital to maintain your home system to keep it finely tuned, robust, and stable. Similar to servicing your car regularly at the main dealer, neglecting maintenance after making a substantial investment would be unwise.

Upon completion of a project, we offer an aftercare package to all our clients. Additionally, if you already have existing systems in place, we can take over their management and provide the necessary aftercare support if required.

Our Approach To Aftercare

At Oktyx, we pride ourselves on achieving an impressive retention rate with our aftercare clients when it comes to renewing their annual plans. Through years of dedication, we have honed our aftercare service to cater to the unique systems and needs of each client.

Our comprehensive aftercare packages are designed to ensure that our clients and their systems remain operational at all times. This is achieved through a combination of proactive and reactive maintenance visits, complemented by remote network monitoring and unlimited telephone support.

To provide further flexibility, we offer optional upgrades for out-of-hours cover, granting access to 24/7, 365-day support plans if necessary.

For us, a successful installation is marked by clients not needing to utilize the allocated number of reactive callout visits included in their plan. This indicates that our proactive visits are effective in maintaining system stability. Moreover, any unused visits can be carried over to the following year’s plan, resulting in reduced renewal costs for our clients.

We are also happy to takeover existing systems in need of care and management. Contact us using the button below to see how we can help.