Our aim is to provide technology that is convenient, immersive, and enjoyable

Integrated Technology


Our aim is to provide technology that is convenient, immersive, and enjoyable

Seamless Technology Solutions

We provide intelligent technology solutions with the goal of improving the day to day lives for people in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings and our ethos is to provide seamless not complex solutions that truly work. From cinema rooms, luxury residential whole home systems, or commercial and hospitality smart technology and security solutions we cover all the basis.

Working Across All Sectors


Working in the residential sector Oktyx provides innovative solutions to simplify and enhance the daily lives of our clients. Working with many private and commercial clients over the years we take an approach where the project is treated as if it was our own home going to great lengths ensuring the attention detail required is always there when working in the high-end residential sector. From cinema rooms to whole home systems we adopt the same approach and care when embarking on any project regardless of size.


Oktyx has worked on various commercial projects, and we are familiar with the swift approach required in this demanding sector of the industry. Acting in a consultancy only role or directly involved in the project, installing systems and infrastructure we are equipped to deliver. The right technology successfully implemented provides businesses with the tools they need to succeed. Robust IT systems, security systems, access control, and lighting control to suit the environment and make the workplace thrive.


The hospitality industry is rewarding and challenging with unique technology solutions being adopted and ideas being created for that luxurious experience for guests. It could be cleverly concealed audio systems, immersive video solutions, or scene-controlled lighting that will give that true sense of luxury. Our projects range from restaurants, retail spaces and boutiques. From initial concept through to training staff and aftercare we have the knowledge and tools to deliver.

Have a new project or just need some expert advice? Get in touch for a free consultation and connect with us so that we can better understand your needs and work together to develop innovative solutions that make a difference.

Experts in all areas

We cover a range of services for projects of all sizes. We can offer turnkey solutions for cinema rooms with our trusted partners or larger complex projects and management. We work with private and commercial clients across the country.

Aftercare & Support

Be sure your system is well maintained and looked after with our responsive and flexible aftercare.

Home Cinema

Create the perfect home cinema, media, or combined games room. Immerse yourself in the very comfort of your own home.

Intelligent Lighting

Create the perfect lighting environment with intelligent lighting control. Create scenes and moods to set the tone.

Audio Systems

Multi room custom audio systems in any settings. We offer a variety of options for audio systems.

Video & Distribution

TV’s and video distribution systems with options for cleverly concealed equipment to create the perfect ascetics.

Consultancy & Design

Specialist consultancy and design offered for residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. 

Window Treatments

Finish off your project with motorised window treatments. Forming part of a whole home system or standalone.

Home Automation

Simplify the control of all the elements of a system with automation providing seamless and simple to use interfaces.

Network & WIFI

Robust, secure, and reliable networks for residential, commercial, and hospitality settings.

Security & CCTV

Protect your property with robust and secure CCTV, access control, and security systems across all settings.

We provide systems that are simple to use, unlocking potential and empowering users to seamlessly interact with the technology we provide