Lighting And The Environment

Bespoke lighting control systems provide homeowners and commercial properties with great convenience, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. When incorporated with automated window treatments the systems can regulate the amount of light entering the room and control artificial lighting sources to create the ideal ambience within the space.

We create lighting scenes to suit the environment and provide simple and easy to use scene control keypads so that user can easily memorise and activate lighting scenes in the home or business premises. Additional features like vacation mode or security mode can be adopted into a lighting control system providing additional security features that most would appreciate and benefit from when installing a lighting control system in the home or business.

Do you have a lighting project or generally inerested in the concept and would like to no more? Contact our team and we will be happy to help.

Working with market leading providers in lighting control systems like Lutron, Crestron, and Control 4 as well as others giving end users seamless control of their environments while the added benefit of energy efficiency that comes with a lighting control system.

With more intuitive ideas coming out with lighting there has never been a better answer than introducing lighting control to create the perfect scene or mood with the press of a button.

Easy To Use

Lighting control systems when designed and implemented properly are simple and easy to use. We understand this and simplify the process from the initial design of the system through to the programming and control of the system. We listen to our clients to understand their needs and requirements and offer sensible and compliant solutions.

We integrate the system to work with physical controls like keypads and additionally will set the system up to be controlled through a smartphone app where the user will have even more control and the ability to make homeowner edits and further get the added benefit of easily being able to adjust lighting scenes or general settings and control providing greater convenience and flexibility.

Window Treatments

Automated window treatments complement a lighting control system and add additional benefit with control and privacy. In both residential and commercial settings shades can be adopted into a system and seamlessly integrate with lighting control and automation with ease.

Window treatments offer many benefits including improved energy efficiency, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, making them an increasingly popular choice in many projects we encounter across all sectors of the industry. Working with market leading brands Lutron with their Sivoia QS line and endless other solutions automated shading is becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial projects.

We have an experienced in-house team dedicated to working with window treatments as well as trusted partners we work with collaboratively to provide and deliver solutions to our clients. A range of options are available from rollers, curtain tracks, skylights, to external blinds and awnings.

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