A hidden gem in North London

An AV focused project incorporating a home cinema with 5.2.2 speaker placement and DOLBY ATMOS channels incorporated.

The project also adopted a multi- room audio system and 4K video distribution. The cinema room needed to be elegant keeping in touch with the theme of the house while adopting a multi-use case with the accompanying dining area.

As part of the video distribution system a custom mirror TV was incorporated into one of the more elegant rooms of the house in addition to the master bedroom and kitchen. The HVAC systems were integrated into the Automation system and a separate CCTV and security systems adopted into the scope.

The cinema room was the show piece of the project, so we started modelling the room in AutoCAD. This was a basement cinema room, but the ceiling height was generous in comparison to others we have worked which gave us a degree of flexibility in the equipment selection process. We incorporated lighting control into the project but only in key areas which included the cinema room. Considering we were already using Control 4 for the automation in the property the decision was easy to use a wireless lighting system from Control 4 and incorporate the key rooms in the project.

Initially a lamp-based projector was specified but after inviting the client for a demonstration at one of our facilities and considering the focus of the project was audio visual, following the demonstration it was an easy choice to upgrade the projector and speakers. A Ben Q LK970 was selected for the room which gave us an increased lumens count of 5000 and a laser light source.

The audio system was made up from the Paradigm CI Pro range, Anthem MRX amplifier. The front LCR’s consisted of CI Pro P1 speakers, the rear surround channels using CI Pro P65 In wall speakers, and CI Pro P65 reference speakers in ceiling. For the screen we used a fixed frame FS3-160-178 by Screen Research as the room size and specification permitted. For the bass we selected 2 Paradigm Defiance V12 subwoofers. This was all integrated through the Control 4 automation EA-5 system controller. A simple SR260 remote with docking station for control was provided to allow ease of use and selection of sources centrally located in the main AV rack. The source inputs included Sky Q and 4K Apple TV’s which were connected to the main video matrix system. All the equipment was housed in a central Middle Atlantic 42U rack and powered through a Packedge PDU.

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