Cinema to Match the Showroom

For this project we were approached by one of our distributors following a client enquiry and visit to their showroom. Following that visit it’s safe to say his mind was made up and he was keen to engage with a specialist to progress a scope and design. We had some initial consultations to understand his requirements for the room which was to match the room as closely as possible to the demo room. As this was a single room enquiry there was no other contractors involved so we were asked if we could recommend some trusted contractors we had worked with before to make the project a reality, so we obliged. In this instance we acted as a principal contractor bringing together all the trades and planning to deliver this room over a two-week period.

The project offered challenges as a single room upgrade with limited cabling and infrastructure to work with but after a detailed survey and some investigation we were able to propose a workable solution.

With a 7.2.2 arrangement agreed we started the modelling of the room using AutoCAD while liaising closely with our recommended contractors paying close attention to the level detail proposed in the room. All walls and ceilings were dressed in acoustic treatments by Vicoustics and then to be fully fitted out with fabric covering. The joinery had to be designed to accommodate Paradigm Millenia rear surround speakers and capable of housing the two Paradigm Seismic sub woofers at the front. For the front LCR channels we went with Paradigm CI Elite E3 speakers and Paradigm CI Pro P80 R for the ceiling channels.

A Sim2 Domino 4 for projection mounted with a Future Automation bracket. The Sim2 looks stunning with its black glass casing and 4K UHD HDR delivering picture quality perfection. Capable of providing up to 1900 ANSI lumens at the screen.

For the amplification the Anthem MRX 1140 was specified to bring that premium audio into the home theatre and seamlessly integrate with Crestron home that we selected for the room. The Anthem AVR’s provide consistent clean power to the channels and works very well in any premium home theatre or cinema.

Brian enjoyed sitting in the room with a cup of tea to read the paper so for the screen we suggested a fixed frame decomask 100” 16:9 Clear Pix by Screen Research to allow artwork of his choice to be printed on a motorised canvas built into the screen which would drop down when not in use. With most of the AV equipment strategically hidden this was a nice touch to the room. A Kaleidescape Strato S movie player and server and Sky Q box were added in as the main sources for the room.

A Lutron Homeworks QS system was provided for the room using the Allise keypad range to really finish it off. Using the antique bronze finish to fit in with the theme of the room and control the lighting with precision dimming ranges which Lutron is known so well for and why their systems are adopted worldwide. Adopting Lutron Sivoia QS blackout shade in the room for that truly cinematic feel anytime of the day.

Finally, to add the finishing touch to the room for the seating we went with Fortress seating in Nova style with premium leather with the motorised adjustable headrest.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and Brian was an absolute pleasure to work with. Following the completion of this project we returned to upgrade the network in the property. Identifying routes, we were able to provide a robust network upgrade with WIFI 6 access points strategically placed around the property further modernising this beautiful home.

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